Serenity Pools's founder, Pat Carley, has been a licensed contractor, building pools and spas since 1994 and has been in the pool business since 1988.

William Patrick Carley

Founder and C.E.O. of Serenity Pools Inc.

Teams of highly skilled workers under the direction of Serenity Pools Inc. will build your pool to your specifications, quickly, while keeping you informed of the progress.

What to Expect During the Construction of your Pool

    One of the first things you have to understand is that most pool companies only sell pools. They hire sub-contractors to build your pool. The company is only as good as it's sub-contractors. After the pool company sells the pool, their only other real function is to schedule the subs, handle any customer complaints, and collect your money in installments as the construction progresses.

Serenity Pools 's team will personally build your custom pool with a minimum of sub-contractors.

   After signing the contract, most people are shocked that they need to provide access for the heavy machinery to excavate the site. Which in some cases require a fence or a walkway to be temporarily removed, or other inconveniences.

Serenity Pool 's team will explain everything required in detail before you sign a contract.

Serenity Pools Inc. is committed to providing the best pool and spa construction experience.  We rely on our customer's satisfaction as the best form of promotion for our future pool and spa construction jobs.  Contact us today for a free estimate or scheduling an appointment.